The Selkie Bride

Selkie stories tell of love and adventure, and of reaching across borders to understand life in a different world.

Our story is of a Selkie who meets a fisherman adrift alone in a storm at sea. Life on land seems very strange to a Selkie, and the fisherman's life will change as well.

A life under the sea is magically evoked, while the Selkie on land makes mischief in the house, combs her hair with a fishbone and feeds all the fish to a greedy seagull!

The puppets range from the beautiful tabletop style Selkie, through seals, seagulls and a lobster to tiny shadow puppets and everyday objects which transform into jellyfish and shoals of minnows.

˜Extraordinary! With a child or without, do not miss this performance!"

Originally directed by Howard Gayton and Karen Torley

New Zealand seasons directed by Rebekah Wild and Nina Nawalowalo, and performed by Rebekah Wild and Fran Kora

Concept and Design by Lyndie Wright

Puppets built by Lyndie Wright, Jan Zalud, Peter ORourke

Devised with the company: Rebekah Wild, Jo Syz, Anthony Best

Produced originally for The Little Angel Theatre, UK.

Presented since 2004 by Wild Theatre

all photos © Wild Theatre (Rebekah Wild, Gerhard Pichler) Performers Rebekah Wild, Anthony Best and Fran Kora

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©Rebekah Wild 2015