'Fishing for Shadows'

'Fishing for Shadows' is a theatre garden filled with puppets, automata, shadow puppets, giant marionettes, toy theatre, music and sound effects.

In this interactive, magical space inspired by the beaches and glaciers of Aotearoa/New Zealand,images are created from natural materials, driftwood, recycled wood and found objects. We invite visitors of all ages to bring the images to life themselves, and guide them to create their own journeys, characters and stories.

Concept, Design and construction: Rebekah Wild and Gerhard Pichler. 

'Beautiful and inventive, Fishing For Shadows was thought provoking, simple fun for children and adults alike and was immensely enjoyed by those who experienced it. A welcome addition to our 2010 festival'.

Sophie Akbar, Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, London.

'the atmosphere within this mini-world is one of continual surprise, discovery and pleasure'

Peter Glanville, Artistic Director, Little Angel Theatre, London

Up to 1000 visitors of all ages can be welcomed each a day, and our set provides a stunning visual attraction to any festival.

Available as a touring production, please email for availability and technical specifications, or for a dvd.

Concept, Design and construction: Rebekah Wild and Gerhard Pichler. 

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