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What happens when we fall through the cracks in our lives? Where do we find ourselves, and how do we find our way back?

'Stonebelly' is an exploration of the power of imagination to inspire new realities. Wild Theatre reveal the hoarded memories and deep desires that dwell in discarded and forgotten things. Scavenged from the far beaches of New Zealand and the flea markets of Vienna, they are transformed through movement and skillful manipulation into the creatures and characters who dwell on the fringes of our imagination.

Accompanied by music especially composed by Hannah Marshall, this is a performance without words, full of moments of fragile beauty.

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Performer/Conception/Co-director: Rebekah Wild

Original music: Hannah Marshall.

Choreography/dramaturgy: Fanni Futterknecht.

Lighting design: Bartek Kubiak.

Co-director/Set Design/Production Manager: Gerhard Pichler

Set: Georg Friedrich

Co-producer: dreizurdritten

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©Rebekah Wild 2015